Introducing our newest Dermalogica products

“Dead” might be good for the Halloween season . . . but not on our skin!!

Introducing our newest Dermalogica products:  

Pro Power Peels, in-house with your esthetician and Rapid Reveal Peel for at home use between services.  

Pro Power Peels!  No longer a “one fits all”. Dermalogica has introduced 4 new peels that can be mixed for superior results.  Fall/Winter is the best time for peels with the sun’s strength waning. So, if you have always wanted to work on brightening dull skin, hydration, fine lines, acne and scarring, hyper pigmentation, reducing oil production or just evening out skin tone …we have a peel solution for one or all of these.  

UltraBright Peel:  An ultra-effective brightening peel that targets the appearance of early signs of ageing with 30% Lactic Acid.

Advanced Renewal Peel:  30% Glycolic Acid peel that resurfaces the skin to brighten and reduce hyper pigmentation and help minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

PowerClear Peel:  A dynamic multi-acid complex featuring 2% Salicylic Acid and a 25% Mandelic/Malic Acid combination with Terpineol-Thymol Complex to target blemishes, prevent breakouts and reduce the appearance of post inflammatory hyper pigmentation.

Age Reversal Peel:  A powerful 15% TCA peel with phytic acid that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and drastically brightens the skin.

Why get a Pro Peel?  

*ideal for fine lines, acne and scarring, hyper pigmentation, and evening out skin tone and more

*fully customizable and layer-able to target more than one concern

*quick results and minimal downtime, if any

Rapid Reveal Peel!  Professional grade at-home peel that is light yet effective that kick-starts cell renewal and accelerates cell turnover to reveal radiant skin.  A great place to start before a professional peel or to maintain results between peels. Alpha hydroxy and lactic acids, phytic acid plant enzymes and Australian caviar lime extract.  

Why use Rapid Reveal?

*kickstarts cell turnover and cell renewal to reveal newer, firmer skin

*helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

*helps even out skin tone

*brightens for a more radiant complexion

Introductory Event –

Friday, October 19th 2-7 pm

Wednesday, October 24th 10 am – 7 pm

15 minute Fitfacials with Rapid Reveal

$20 to register, get $10 back as product credit.

10% off your take home Rapid Reveal, 5% off any other products.

Reservations are limited so please sign up today!  

October only!

Pro Peel 30 30 minute service $54 regular price $60

Pro Peel 60 60 minute service $85 regular price $95

Series of 3 available at a 10% discount, series of 6 available at a 15% discount.  

When you buy a series, receive 10% off any products.  

*We are closing out our Clinage/Clinitone line – all products in stock are now 50% off.  No further discounts apply.

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