What is lymph drainage?

About Our New Service: lymph drainage

Like oil to a car, the Lymph system filters cellular debris then refuses it with nutritious cells vital for health and tissue repair– a key role in anti-aging. Typically, a healthy diet, exercise and drinking water keep this filtration/infusion system functioning optimally. But life stress, injury and surgery can interrupt mother nature’s flow.


Manual Lymph Drainage, a gentle massage like technique designed by Dr. Vodder restores and releases the fountain of youth within naturally. MLD is America’s leading physician recommended modality on the med-spa menu today. Celebrities rave about it’s natural cellulite minimizing effects and pro athletes for it’s accelerated recovery from sports injury. Research shows MLD eradicates toxins and boosts cell repair with health and beauty benefits for:


*Weight Reduction

*Cellulite Minimization




*Pre & Post Op Surgery recovery (liposuction/tummy tuck/breast aug)

*Sports Injury


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